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Hi everybody!

Sorry there hasn't been any recent updates. I have been so busy with shoots going on every single weekend. Once the year ends there will be TONS of awesome imagery coming your way. There will be dozens of weddings, engagements, and possibly a new blog and website. So stay tuned!



Valerie + Kevin

ValKev-15 ValKev-13 ValKev-20 ValKev-10 ValKev-19 ValKev-9 ValKev-18 ValKev-17 ValKev-4 ValKev-3 ValKev-1 ValKev-5 ValKev-6 ValKev-8

Lauren + Alex

LaurenAlexPreview-29 LaurenAlexPreview-28 LaurenAlexPreview-27 LaurenAlexPreview-26 LaurenAlexPreview-25 LaurenAlexPreview-24 LaurenAlexPreview-23 LaurenAlexPreview-22 LaurenAlexPreview-21 LaurenAlexPreview-20 LaurenAlexPreview-19 LaurenAlexPreview-18 LaurenAlexPreview-17 LaurenAlexPreview-16 LaurenAlexPreview-15 LaurenAlexPreview-14 LaurenAlexPreview-13 LaurenAlexPreview-12 LaurenAlexPreview-11 LaurenAlexPreview-9 LaurenAlexPreview-8 LaurenAlexPreview-7 LaurenAlexPreview-6 LaurenAlexPreview-5 LaurenAlexPreview-4 LaurenAlexPreview-3 LaurenAlexPreview-2 LaurenAlexPreview-1

Regina + Huber

Regina-and-Huber-1 Previews-25 Previews-27 Previews-7 Previews-24 Previews-23 Previews2-4 Previews-22 Previews-21 Previews-20 Previews-18 Previews-17 Previews-4 Previews-3 Previews-16 Previews-15 Previews2-6 Previews-12 Previews-10 Previews-9 Previews-1 Previews-11 Previews-2 Previews2-1

Lorena and Wasef Maternity

Lorena and Wasef were such a pleasure to work with. This whole shoot was so fun talking about random things and laughing our asses off. Congratulations on your first child! From what I experienced being with you two I know that you'll be awesome parents to Enzo. All I can say is... Lucky kid :D



View the full set here

Lorena Maternity Flickr-5 Lorena Maternity Flickr-37 Lorena Maternity Flickr-14 Lorena Maternity Flickr-56 Lorena Maternity Flickr-45 Lorena Maternity Flickr-62

 Lorena Maternity Flickr-35 Lorena Maternity Flickr-59

Lorena Maternity Flickr-2

Peter + Isabel

MAN_0584 MAN_0740-Edit MAN_0653 MAN_0809-Edit MAN_0860-Edit MAG_3909 MAN_0983 MAG_4031-Edit MAN_1338 MAN_1282-Edit MAG_4152 MAG_4210 MAN_1857 MAN_1894 DSC_1319 MAN_1962 MAN_2311 MAN_2627 MAN_2634-Edit

Glenda + Ali Cabo, Mexico

MAN_4595-Edit MAN_4635-Edit MAN_4390 MAN_4369 MAN_4100 MAN_4018  MAN_3816 MAN_3763 MAN_3554-Edit MAN_3157MAN_3248MAN_3118 MAN_3149 MAG_4496 MAN_3111 MAN_3097 MAN_3062 MAN_2770

MAN_2804 MAN_2693-Edit

Yesua + Mari Engaged

MAG_4756-Edit MAG_4751-Edit MAN_5055-Edit MAN_5101 MAN_5125-Edit MAN_5188 MAN_5302-Edit MAN_5337-Edit MAN_5355-Edit

Elexcis and Joe

MAN_8481 MAN_8454 MAG_3130 MAG_3122-Edit MAN_8326-Edit MAN_8304 MAN_8346-Edit MAG_3104 MAN_8240-Edit MAN_8185-Edit MAN_8542-Edit MAN_8493


Kimiko and Sean Maternity

My buddy Jose Valdez called me the night before asking if I could do him a huge favor and take on a maternity photoshoot for him the following day. He's doing some 30 day vlogging challenge with Tim King so he wasn't able to do it. I decided although I don't really do a lot of them I figured, why not?

Kiko and Sean were very pleasant to work with. They brought their dog Bentley along (my dog has the same name) so he could be in a couple of the pictures. The photoshoot went very well!







MAN_7439 MAN_7491 MAN_7601 MAN_7583-Edit MAN_7560 MAN_7536















Man I miss car meets! It was pretty fun seeing the somewhat new generation of modified cars. This is what got me into photography in the first place. The best part of this meet up was my buddy Ian's booth for his clothing line. So happy for this dude!


MAN_5767 MAN_5776 MAN_5779 MAN_5781 MAN_5784 MAN_5800 MAN_5791 MAN_5805 MAN_5817 MAN_5819 MAN_5822 MAN_5832 MAN_5843 MAN_5846 MAN_5873-Edit MAN_5881 MAN_5884 MAN_5895 MAN_5901 MAN_5905 MAN_5912 MAN_5913

MAN_5827 MAN_5771


Best things about my trip to Hawaii that may help with your trip there later on:

  • Spending it with a girl named Jenny
  • Poke all day; Go to Fresh Catch!
  • Bubbie's Ice Cream; Get all the mochi and try their ice cream. Sad to say I like it better than my favorite spot in San Diego.
  • Hiking Maunawili Falls and Manoa Falls; Do not wear your nice shoes!
  • Leonard's Malsadas; The plain and cinnamon sugar are my favorite.
  • Dole Plantation; Definitely go on the pineapple express!
  • Giovanni's shrimp truck; worth going to north shore for.
  • Zippy's; although it is a "Denny's" on the island the quality of the food is great. Try their zip-pac
  • Snorkeling Haunama Bay; I went snorkeling last time off a boat from Ko Olina. I have to say the bay snorkeling is a lot better and best of all it is WAY cheaper! We used Snorkelfest and only cost us $60 for 2 people instead of $300.
  • Boot's & Kimo's; this place is a lot better than Cinnamon's in my opinion. Try their macadamia pancakes.
  • Walking through Wakiki beach; although it is full of tourists it is a very fun to just walk around.
  • Acai bowls from Health Bar; we went here 5 days in a row. Get the "Da Cove Bowl"
  • Vaiola shaved ice; POG with li hing muy 

The absolute best part of this trip was meeting my Niece Zoey :)

MAN_6007 MAN_5997 MAN_6340 MAN_6278 MAN_6361 MAN_6377 MAN_6382 MAN_6534 MAN_6542 MAN_6563 MAN_6582 MAN_6622 Poor Jenny is allergic to shrimp. But that didn't stop her >< MAN_6630 MAN_6685 MAN_6696 MAN_6742 MAN_6840 MAN_6846 MAN_6879 MAN_6885 MAN_7032 MAN_7056 MAN_7072 MAN_6508

Hawaii 2013

Awhile back I posted a small maternity shoot with my sister in Hawaii. I just recently came back and this time around Zoey was born right when we got there! I did a lot in Hawaii and if you want to see what I did I posted it here on my tumblr

Here are some snap shots I took of my beautiful niece. I miss her already!


MAN_5977 MAN_6039-Edit MAN_6048-Edit MAN_6051-Edit MAN_6068 MAN_6087-Edit  MAN_6131-Edit MAN_6155 MAN_6451-Edit MAN_6473 MAN_6782 MAN_6931-Edit MAN_7002-Edit MAN_7018-Edit MAN_7026-Edit MAN_7028 MAN_7083-Edit MAN_7122

Jen + Alan at Disneyland

Jen and Alan asked if I wanted to do their engagement session at Disneyland. Who in their right mind would say no? To be honest, I was really scared of the crowds and the lighting situation that day especially because it was on a saturday. I have to admit it was a lot better than I expected. Jen and Alan are fun, cool, and definitely easy-going to be with. After the shoot we ended up grubbing at The Boiling Crab which was so freaking good! Here's a photo I took with my iPhone of what I ate haha

IMG_6953 Thank you guys for such a fun engagement session! Can't wait to shoot your wedding! :) MAN_5071-Edit MAN_5620 MAN_5578-Edit MAN_5513 MAN_5488 MAN_5421-Edit MAN_5395 MAN_5321-Edit MAN_5259-Edit MAN_5037-Edit MAN_5002 MAN_4921 MAN_4877-Edit

Huber + Regina in Arizona

When Regina told me she was willing to fly me out to take engagement photos of her and her fiance I was honestly really nervous. I'm the type to meet up with a potential friend/client at a local coffee shop. Instead I decided to skype with them and it turned out to be better than I expected. One of the biggest things that made me nervous was that Huber is an extremely great artist. His paintings are so unique that I just had to deliver for this shoot in terms of art. I NEVER want ordinary photos anybody can take. I try my best to make it as unique as possible when it comes to my engagements and wedding days. I try to capture emotion and work lighting to where I try to take people places they can't see. I don't know if that make sense? Anyway, the shoot went very well and it was fun hanging out with Huber and Regina. I'm really excited to shoot their wedding in Palm Springs CA in the next few months. Thank you again for such a great time! MAG_2001-Edit MAG_2028-Edit MAG_2055-Edit MAG_2146-Edit MAN_2880-Edit MAN_2954-Edit MAN_3018 MAG_2161-Edit MAN_3062

The District

If you are salvating with these pictures, go visit The District in downtown San Diego! Tell them I sent you ;)



MAN_1948 MAN_1930 MAN_1913 MAN_1862 MAN_1823-Edit MAN_1782 MAN_1745

Big Bear 2013





I'm so bummed this trip went by to fast. Nothing in the world beats having friends to have new experiences with. This past weekend my friends and I rented a cabin at Big Bear CA for a nice little snowboard/getaway trip. This cabin was a lot bigger than the one we rented last year and this was only because we had over 20 people this time around. The following morning we went out to snow summitt and boarded until 5PM. When we got back some of us went in the hottub located downstairs with the game on and a few beers.  After the game was done we just pretty much drank the night away. On the last day we pretty much had a big breakfast and played in the front yard where I took these pictures. Enjoy!


MAN_1426 MAN_1398 MAN_1434 MAN_1447 MAN_1458 MAN_1463 MAN_1505 MAN_1526 MAN_1559 MAN_1681 MAN_1665 MAN_1632 MAN_1629 MAN_1710 MAN_1717

Won my first award from the FEARLESS photographers organization :D

What a great start to 2013! I'm shocked, speechless, and overwhelmed. I am so humbled to be part of photographers that inspire me and are internationally known for their craft. Out of thousands of entries there were 262 selected winners, and one of my photos was selected for a FEARLESS award. I'm so happy and grateful to be part of something big in the photography community. Cheers to an exciting year! :D


Jhen and Genna

What a way to end the year with a bang! My old highschool buddy Jhen was looking for a photographer and suggested me to his fiance Genna for their upcoming wedding in October. I haven't seen Jhen in years but when we met for brunch it was as if I never lost contact with him. The best part was I also clicked with his fiance as if I knew her before. It couldn't of been any better! I'm so lucky to work with such great friends. We took the photos at Big Bear Lake about 3 hours away from home. It was honestly the toughest shoot, but by far the most fun I've had for ANY engagement session. The worst part was when our feet were at stage 1 frost bite (according to Genna HAHA). Overall, we had a great time, had great conversations in the car about UFOs and the illuminati LOL, and enjoyed every moment of it! Going to double date with these two soon... Excited!

Few to share:


























Studio Fun

I normally don't shoot in my studio because most of my work is based on location. I decided to mess around one day with my friends Joe and Ian just to practice some lighting techniques and do a favor for Joe. Ian is an owner of a clothing company called Egonomics Clothing and Joe has been a long time friend since highschool. Enjoy these random pics!



 MAG_8486 MAG_8468 MAG_8462-Edit MAG_8417-Edit MAG_8413 MAG_8485

The District : An awesome sandwich shop in downtown San Diego.

I had the liberty to try something out of my comfort zone and try food photography. My buddy Mike Blair who is one of the owners at "The District" asked me to take pics of their menu. I have no experience in food photography other than the pics I take from my phone and into Instagram. I think I did okay for my first time. Try this place out! My favorite is The District Dip!


































Egonomics Clothing: New Laces Hoodie!

Buy your Laces Hoodie that just came out from Egonomics Clothing! Check them out at


Model: Eric Dickinson

Photography: Mark Andrew Gonzales






















A Rising Star: Geminelle

After high school I learned that not everyone you were friends with become your friends throughout your lifetime. Luckily for me I grew a relationship with my high school friends Jessica and Siene who both inspired me to do what I love doing and never stop doing it. These friendships led me to meet Geminelle, a person with high spirits and energy it is hard to not be around her. Not only is her vibe great, but she also has a God given gift of being a singer and musician.


I had the liberty to take some shots of her in the studio where some magic will soon happen. The tunes coming out of this garage is going to blow your mind once everything releases. Lets just say Geminelle had a small show this past week and had Grammy award winning musicians voluntarily jam with her. Success doesn't come alone and that is where Siene and his brother Paul come into play. These brothers are producing mind blowing beats with Geminelle on the mic that it's just the perfect combination of what can and will become great. I am just so excited to see what lies ahead for these talented individuals. Thank you guys for being so open. No words can express how excited I am to see you guys grow as musicians. It is only an privilege to call you my friends.

MAN_9075-Edit MAN_9120-Edit



MAG_8130 MAG_8188-Edit MAG_8195-Edit MAG_8230-Edit MAG_8307-Edit MAN_8992-Edit MAN_9014-Edit MAN_9028-Edit MAN_8937-Edit MAN_9112-Edit MAG_8311-Edit

Martinez siblings

The Martinez's are back! I recently shot a wedding for Roxana this year and her sister Adriana whom I've been pretty good friends with asked me to take family pics for Christmas. Not just any family pics but pics they can give their parents as gifts. What an awesome gift right? These pictures kind of remind me of myself and my 2 elder sisters. We also gave my parents the same concept years ago but these are so much better! The location was superb (thank you Kay from OneTwoSnap) and very fall looking. I am so glad to have worked with them again and I'm sure this will not be the last time. *Ahem Baby pics *Ahem ;)

















Bethany + Oscar

Bethany and Oscar are by far the youngest couple I have ever shot a wedding for. What they say is true... Age is only a number. The love I saw that Bethany and Oscar had for each other was real, intimate, and heartfelt. Love is something we all share and it doesn't matter what age you are.

The day started out at Paradise Point resort in San Diego CA. Her mom told me a story that they upgraded her for free to the Presidential suite because she told them it was for her daughter's wedding. This suite was amazingly beautiful! It was roomy and best of all the back door was a view of the bay. Everything about this wedding was gorgeous. The decorations, timeline, flowers, giveaways (that were super delicious ;] ), and entertainment was well thought out and perfect. What a great way to finish my last wedding of the year.

Thank you Oscar and Bethany for being so patient and easy to work with! Nothing makes my job easier than having a couple making me feel like a friend rather than a necessity. I really appreciate your kindness and enthusiasm throughout your wedding day. Good luck with your future together! I wish you both nothing but happiness!


Some shots throughout the day:


MAN_4568-Edit MAN_4721 MAN_4693 MAN_4700MAN_4744-Edit MAG_6571 MAG_6601-Edit MAN_4857-Edit MAN_4815 MAN_4916 MAG_6617 MAG_6891-Edit-Edit MAG_6910-Edit MAG_6929-as-Smart-Object-1 MAG_7059 MAN_5403-Edit MAN_5490-Edit MAN_5820 MAN_6151 MAN_6130MAN_5989 MAN_6253 MAN_6260 MAN_6344 MAN_6362 MAN_6429


Tonys Surprise Proposal

The most awesome invitation this year was being asked to shoot a surprise engagement. Not only was it an awesome concept to shoot but it was also my old high school friend Tony. He decided to surprise his girlfriend with a proposal that involved both their families. He pretty much got on a Jetski and had their families put up a sign asking Carrie to marry him. What an awesome idea! The funny part was we we not prepared on him coming up to the bay so soon. He pretty much surprised us. Overall it was such a fun experience! Thanks Tony for letting me capture great moments on your first step to ultimate happiness!


MAN_3578 MAN_3583 MAN_3632 MAN_3644 MAN_4037 MAN_3660 MAN_3692 MAN_3716 MAN_3789 MAN_3880 MAN_3931 MAN_3988 MAN_3999 MAN_4019 MAN_4028 MAN_4030 MAN_4060 MAN_4090

Egonomics Clothing

Egonomics Clothing came out with 2 new shirts and asked me to shoot for them! Unfortunately, the sun went down way to fast and only gave us 30 minutes of shooting time outdoors. I'm pretty sure we'll do another one but I just wanted to post this because it was a fun shoot! We also had my studio set up for the product and just had random fun with it.


This new product is what Egonomics is all about:


"A movement and lifestyle in which a person lives with self-confidence and the inner drive for success."



MAN_4160 MAN_4181 MAN_4234 MAN_4132 MAN_4218 MAG_6395 MAG_6407 MAG_6414 --- outtakes MAN_4414 2 MAN_4398 MAN_4373 MAN_4420 2 MAN_4429

Ariane and Ramsey

Ariane is a old high school buddy of mine that gave me the priviledge to document her civil wedding in downtown San Diego. She was very open to all my ideas and when thats the case I just end up having such a blast! I love working with old friends because I feel so comfortable around them. Although the shooting time wasn't very long it was just such an honor to experience her get married. Thank you so much Ariane! I wish you a great and happy marriage!


MAN_1674 MAN_1631 MAN_1500 MAN_1617-Edit MAN_1700-as-Smart-Object-1

Ashley and Christian

Ashley was referred to me by my old family friend Gale. It also turns out Gale is with Ashley's brother Brandon whom I play countless hours with on Xbox Live (Add me!: lol mandrew). I love getting referrals only because I feel as if there is a small connection between the couple and I. That is exactly what happened on the day of the wedding. I felt as if I was part of the family and I loved every moment of the day. The vibe at the wedding was great! It was nothing short of smiles and laughs which kept the shooting super fun! Thank you Ashley and Christian for such a great time and being such a pleasure to work with! I wish you tons of luck and happiness!


MAN_8062 MAN_8160 MAN_8556 MAN_8299-Edit MAN_9432-Edit MAN_9451 MAN_9540 MAN_9577 MAN_9770 DSC_0568

My sister is having a baby!

One of the best things that were to ever happen this year was finding out my eldest sister Beth is having a baby! This is going to be my mom and dad's first grandchild and we are so excited on what lies ahead. I recently went to Hawaii (where Beth lives) for a small vacation. I also had the liberty to take a few pics of my sister while I was up there. Although she isn't that big yet we decided to take some snaps just to have since I was in Hawaii. There is so much going on down in San Diego, my other sister Lyn is going crazy with baby shower ideas for the upcoming party in December. I am just so excited for the future! I'm going to be an uncle!!!



MAN_2476-Edit MAN_2549-Edit MAN_2695 MAN_2773-Edit MAN_2895 MAN_2880 MAN_2850-Edit  MAN_2867-Edit

Kovaks Family Session

Jackie and Lewis are one of few that found me on Yelp. I am so glad they did! Jackie and Lewis are very down to earth and their kid is too cute! They wanted to take pictures because Lewis is always out of town and what better way to see your family than in a picture? It was a perfect day at the beach and the session went very well. Thank you guys for such a great experience capturing memories for you!

A few to share:


MAG_9579-Edit MAG_9578 MAG_9454 MAG_9318 MAG_9189 MAG_9550 MAG_9524 MAG_9352-Edit-2

Sierra Family Session

It feels like only yesterday I shot Jessica's maternity pics. Fast forward a few months later and here I am taking pictures of the whole family. I have to say working with kids is hard but we made the best of it. Looking forward to our second shoot together!

Here are a few of many.

  MAN_0128MAN_9969 MAN_9984 MAN_0030 MAN_0025 MAN_0031 MAN_0157 MAN_9912-Edit

Brittany and John

So I helped Rich Newsome (check out his FB page here) with a wedding this one weekend and it was nothing but phenomenal. One big reason was because John the Groom is a Chef and had his friend (rated #1 Chef in California 2008) cater the wedding. Instead of a bouquet toss, garter toss, and other traditional wedding events. The wedding contained a 5 course meal with super delicious food! I was floored by how good the food tasted! Even the cocktail hour had the biggest shrimp and oysters you can imagine!

Here are a few of my favorite shots I took from that night. I'll post more soon. Enjoy!



MAN_6967-as-Smart-Object-1 MAN_6956-as-Smart-Object-1 MAG_3871-as-Smart-Object-1

Egonomics Clothing

Egonomics Clothing came out with a new shirt known as the "Daruma Doll" according to wiki the..."Daruma has a design that is rich in symbolism and is regarded more as a talisman of good luck to the Japanese. Daruma dolls are seen as a symbol of perseverance and good luck, making them a popular gift of encouragement. The doll has also been commercialized by many Buddhist temples to use alongside goal setting".


This new product is what Egonomics is all about:


"A movement and lifestyle in which a person lives with self-confidence and the inner drive for success."


From what I know one eye from the doll is filled in and the other eye is colored once the goal has been achieved. If you feel this shirt represents you and your goals go grab one now while supplies last!


MAG_4241 MAG_4291 MAG_4189 MAG_4166 MAG_4100 MAG_4012 MAG_4258

2nd Shooter with Taylor Abeel

I had the oppurtunity to shoot with Taylor Abeel Photography. His family owns this awesome venue out in Ramona and it is the most unique wedding venue I have ever seen. It's literally in the forest and it was super fun to shoot. Although there was a ton of dirt kicking up on my clothes and shoes it was all well worth it! Thank you Taylor for allowing me to capture some special moments with your couple! I had such a great time! :D



Here are some I shot and edited from the day. MAG_1949-as-Smart-Object-1 MAN_4058-as-Smart-Object-1 MAN_4081-as-Smart-Object-1 MAN_4113-as-Smart-Object-1 MAN_4291-as-Smart-Object-1 W9-UFC MAN_4495-as-Smart-Object-1

2nd Shooter for Tim King Photography

I had the oppurtunity to 2nd shoot with my fellow San Diegan and Canada Photo Convention buddy Tim King. He wasn't joking when he said his couples were super chill because I had such a great time shooting with them. The day with Tim went by surprisingly fast but I guess thats what happens when you're having tons of fun. Thanks again Tim for bringing me along this awesome wedding!

You can check out his website at (he hasn't updated it in 2 years -_-`): Website or his more updated Facebook page


Here are some photos I shot and was able to share. Enjoy!

MAG_8474 MAG_8857 MAG_8884 MAG_8906 MAG_9130 MAG_9210 MAG_9270 MAG_9294 MAG_9315 MAG_9348 MAG_9416 MAG_9770 MAG_9772 MAG_9683


Teasers from Lorna and Jeremy's Wedding

Just wanted to share 2 pics I took at Lorna and Jeremy's incredible wedding! I'll update more once I get to it. Enjoy!




MAG_7081-Edit MAG_7051

Zak and Jen Wedding

I met Jen last year when I first started wedding photography. The first time around they had to change the wedding to a year later because of Zak's military orders. I have to say it was well worth the wait. It was a really small and intimate wedding but the vibe of it all was full of great energy. It was such a pleasure to work with you guys! Thank you so much for allowing me to capture your special day!



MAG_3414 MAG_3501 MAG_9270 MAG_3619 MAG_3722 MAG_4038 MAG_4269 MAG_4394-2 MAG_4420 MAG_5233 MAG_5196 MAG_5054 MAG_4960 MAG_4336-Edit-2

Rowell and Vergelyn Engagement

Rowell and Vergelyn contacted me last year to shoot their wedding this upcoming August. Turns out that her little brother was my friend back in the day and I'll be seeing him again soon! They also decided to do a last minute engagement session with me at San Diego's most beautiful bridge near Petco Park. During the session all I can see was how much in love both of them were and how perfect they are together. It makes me look forward on capturing incredible moments on their wedding day!


MAG_2781-Edit MAG_2797 MAG_2660-Edit MAG_2545-Edit MAG_2508-Edit

Cindy and Chris Wedding

This wedding was incredible! Everything about it was beautiful I can't even express in words how awesome it was. Cindy and Chris have been together since high school and in fact, their 10 year anniversary was a day before. Everyone that attended the wedding came in full spirits and the excitement was everywhere. Thank you Cindy and Chris for allowing me to capture your wedding day and being such a great bride and groom to work with! I couldn't of asked for more.

Some of the pics I took throughout the day.



MAG_9746 MAG_9851 MAG_9868 MAG_9883 MAG_9874MAG_9972-Edit MAG_0222-2MAG_0360 MAG_0400 MAG_0013-Edit MAG_0097 MAG_0717 MAG_0693 MAG_8526-EditMAG_0684 MAG_0655-Edit MAG_1024MAG_0957 MAG_1360 MAG_1756 MAG_1839 MAG_1825-Edit

Armando and Roxana Wedding

It was such a great pleasure to be the photographer for this wedding! It's weddings like this that make me love what I do. Everyone was so friendly that I felt like a guest rather than a photographer. Special thanks to Adriana (maid of honor/sister) for finding me. Thank you so much Roxana and Armando for letting me be part of your wedding and celebrating it with you guys I really enjoyed every bit of it. We'll definitely keep in touch! I wish you nothing but love and happiness throughout your marriage!


Some shots from the day:


MAG_6133 MAG_6148 MAG_6305MAG_7261 MAG_6679 MAG_6774/>  MAG_7241 MAG_7646 MAG_7635 MAG_7657 MAG_7785 MAG_7891 MAG_6997 MAG_6953

Mike and Ruth's Engagement

I got a text from my fellow photo-g friend Kay of OneTwoSnap that my old friend Mike from high school is having an engagement session with her. She nicely invited me to the occasion to help out and take some snaps for my own. It was very fun considering they set up a nice picnic in this open field and had some cool props. But more fun because It was just us friends hanging out and taking pictures. Congrats Mike and Ruth on your engagement! I can't begin to tell you how happy I am for you! Good luck and God bless your upcoming marriage!




MAG_4763 MAG_4805-Edit MAG_4831 MAG_4856 MAG_4871 MAG_4900 MAG_4947 MAG_4999 MAG_5030 MAG_6549

Tonya and Todd's Wedding

I had an opportunity to 3rd shoot for John Riedy Photography please check out his page! He needed a 3rd eye for this wedding because of how extremely awesome it was. This home was the biggest I ever been in my whole entire life and having a bride come in with a helicopter was just too cool. My job was to take photos of the caterers getting the house ready, Todd getting ready, and the ceremony. I had so much fun, I can't begin to describe how exciting it was! Thanks again John for letting me be apart of shooting this wedding with you! It was a pleasure!

Some shots I took:



MAG_3875 MAG_3945 MAG_6157 MAG_4704 MAG_4110 MAG_4137 MAG_4165 MAG_4176 MAG_4263 MAG_6382 MAG_6429 MAG_6509 MAG_4573 MAG_4616

Lily and Robert Wedding

There's no better way to get married than in sunny San Diego's marina village. Lily and Roberts wedding was very cool and full of great energy. The only word to describe the wedding is, beautiful. They did such an amazing job with everything. What I loved about the wedding is Lily's family tequila shot tradition. I would love to start a tradition like that one day with my family! Thank you Lily and Robert for sharing your beautiful day with us! Congratulations and I wish you nothing but the best and brightest future!

MAG_1191 MAG_1221  MAG_1208 MAG_5635 MAG_1525 MAG_5792-Edit MAG_5805-Edit MAG_1837-Edit MAG_1868 MAG_5948 MAG_2027 MAG_6029-Edit MAG_2090 MAG_2801 MAG_2889-2 MAG_2960 MAG_3137 MAG_1765-Edit

Cathy and Jazmin Wedding

One of a kind is an understatement when it comes to Cathy and Jazmin. I did their engagement session a few months back and from the beginning you can tell their love for eachother was unique. On their wedding day it was very relaxed in the beginning with the whole getting ready. Probably the most relaxed I've been for preceremonies. When the reception came around I was in awe on all the work they did for their party. The music was loud, the lights were awesome, and best of all guests did not stop dancing! Not for just a typical hour but for a full on 3 hours! It was insane especially with an open bar. I had such a great time and I am so thankful to be part of their wedding. Definitely one to remember! Thank you so much Cathy and Jazmin I wish you nothing but luck and happiness!

Few to share:



















































Agatha and Kurt

Agatha wanted to surprise Kurt with a photoshoot session. They've been together for 6 years and the last time they took pictures were at a starshots studio. You know... The ones you give your friends with a small message in the back? Well they wanted something different this time around and luckily she found me online. The session was very relaxed and we got to know eachother while walking around. Kurt and I do Martial Arts and Jenny and Agatha both went to Montgomery. Small world... Thanks for being awesome to work with! I hope to work with you two again in the near future.


Some to share:


















Fey and Andy Engaged

Fey and Andy flew in from Seattle for a small vacation just to get away from all that gloomy weather.  Unfortunately on the day of the engagement the weather followed them down but that didn't stop us from having a great session! They were the most laid back and down to earth couple I have ever worked with. From the get go it felt like I already knew them personally as we chatted up the whole time. During that time we came to the subject of food. If you know me personally I am quite a big eater, so I created them the "best" restaurant go to guide for San Diego. I really hope you guys visit them all! Thanks again for being such a great couple to work with! Hopefully I'll see you soon!

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SDCA Fight Night

Other than photography on my spare time I train at San Diego Combat Academy. I've trained at a handful of gyms throughout my 24 years of existance but SDCA stood out the most to me. The trainers are spectacular, the members are friendly and ego-free, and just the whole enviroment makes you feel welcome. So I suggest you give this place a try and I promise you won't regret it! Also, if the first thing in your head is "I don't want to get beat up" don't worry because you're not going to spar until the trainers believe you're ready or even yourself. It's a great way to get your cardio up and lose some of that belly you got. Check them out at


A week before Fight Night Manny (head trainer at SDCA) told (not ask haha) me to fight or volunteer. Of course I volunteered because I felt I was not ready at all. So I decided to use my profession to help out the gym and snap some pics for the day. Big ups to all the fighters that gave a great show for us! You guys are all champs!


If you're part of the gym help out my company and "Like" my page on Facebook! I'd appreciate it!


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Abby's Debut

Abby's 18th birthday celebration was a ton of fun! Thank you Abby and your court for being so cooperative with the photo shoot. Your friends know how to have fun and... dance. haha! Anyway, the day went by very smoothly and one event that stood out the most was when Ryan (her escort) asked her to prom. Not verbally but by surprisingly having their friend's spell it out for her in rose pedals on the grass a level below. Smooth man. Smooth... Now that you guys are going to college take my word of advice and remember to STAY FOCUSED. That is probably the most helpful phrase anyone can tell you.

Thanks again for all the fun! I'll see you soon!

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